[Level: Beginner | HD Quality | Duration: 8 min 31]


Untangle problems that you’ve encountered on your journey such as…

Bodily injuries

Time keeping

Staying balanced on the throne

or simply the execution of slow & fast playing around the kit.


This video will gives you tips of how to sit in a good posture and how to set up the drums around it. It consists of:

  • a mini-explanation about the human anatomy during sitting (how to sit comfortably on the throne to prevent bodily injuries & to stay balanced).

(photo from howtodrumlessons.com<< great source!)

  • Tips on setting up the drums  (Kick, Snare, Hi-hat, Ride & Tom) to help playing the drums become effortless.


  • Tips from the Pro, such as
    Dave Weckl
    Peter Erskine – the angles of the drums to get the best drum sound
    Max Sansalone – exercises to ensure the drums are reachable and the drummer is balanced
    (check out his DVD Improve your Groove << amazing stuff!)


Only $2.99 ! That’s almost a prize of a coffee 😉


Please feel free to post questions or comments in the post. It will greatly benefit all of us to grow as musicians.