At my rehearsal studio, Mr.P heard me rehearsing my drums and invited me to do a jam/recording session… didn’t realize it was going to lead into a new chapter of my life.

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The album, Pierre and The Cosmic Mermaids is Mr.P’s third studio album, still having the blues, the soul, and a hint of hip-hop with the retro futuristic sound.

Mr. P is a multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter and producer. The whole album is being played by him, from bass, guitar, vocal, keys and even drums. His voice is a mixed of Barry White and Lou Reed. And it’s all being mixed and produced in his mini studio with all his vintage gears.

We recorded three songs together, what turns out to be DEEP BLUE, COSMIC LOVE and OH LORD. All songs are recorded differently, from start to finished, the songs sequentially tell a story. 🙂

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