For those of us who do repetitive physical work- like drumming or playing sports, muscle tension could be a dream killer. Aside from fixing posture and playing in a relax manner, here are few alternate solutions to loosen up muscle tension, without medicine and chiropractors.


Muscles tension is a very common health hazard, and the cause is not just from drumming alone. In the 20th century, human are trained to perform like robots. The technology give us more comfort so we can work more, meaning it enslaved our body to be in bad posture for a longer period of time than we should, i.e living on the net. We are too busy multitasking and rarely able to find time to give our own body attentions. Stress, anger, and frustration can easily build up muscle tension.


Photograph of Water molecules in different Mental Stimuli

Masaru Emoto studied water in different mental stimuli; love, thank you, zen meditation, hate, despair,  etc. and took photos by using dark field microscope of how water molecules change.

“If our human body is made up of 60% water, an element that is extremely receptive to emotions and mental stimuli, imagine what they do to our body.”

Aside from improving your posture and playing in a relax manner, perhaps leisure activities and meditation exercises could ease not only stress but also muscle tension.


  •  Swimming

During infancy, the mother’s womb is filled with amniotic water, which helps baby’s muscle and bone development. Swimming will revert our bodies back to its natural position and relieve stress tension in our muscles.

  •  Hot Bath

I got this trick from my grandmother, who’s 89 and still drives, swim, and plays piano. It is the same principle as the mother’s womb, accept the water is hot and it eases accumulated tensions. [2]

Take a really hot bath with bath salts for about 10-20 minutes. Then, lay down in a very comfortable position and just relax. Be aware of all the emotional thoughts and just Let Go.

  •  Deep Breathing

You may do this exercise whenever you feel tension. Focus on where the muscle is tense and follow these steps of breathing into the pain.

    1. Sit or Lay down with your eyes close
    2. Breathe in through your nose and count (as slow as in second) 1-2-3… as many numbers as you can. Feel the air filling your chest, down to your abdomen. Once you have reached the highest number, hold your breath.
    3. Count 1-5 slowly.
    4. Breath out through your mouth and count slowly and count as many numbers as you can. These 3 steps are counted as 1 cycle.


As you breath in, feel the air filling the entire body. Observe any tension spot in your body. Focus on that tension spot in your body and breath out into that stress point. Do this repeatedly and feel the tension spot being relieved and try to extend the length of your breath in every cycle. Do this at least for 5 cycles or more.


  • Sleeping in a Good position

This simplest trick can change your life. If you sleep in a bad position, your muscles are being tensed and cured up for 4-8 hours. That’s enough to accumulate tension every night for a daily pain.

How to: The best way is to sleep on your back flat, with a good pillow or no pillow at all (consult your physician which is safer for you). Keep your arms and feet symmetrical and relax. Try to stay in this position the entire night, without turning sideways or flipping around.


  • Keep a Journal

Whenever pain strikes, note down the date, time and activities you have done before the pain kicks in. Write down as far back as you can remember, what you did, what you were thinking, how your day was going. You will start to see patterns and it may help you to identify the tension’s trigger –  it maybe an action, an event or a thought. You may write this in on a mini-diary or a smartphone app, whichever is the most accessible to you.


  • Find Another Leisure Activity

If you play drums everyday, it’s important to zone out from your instrument. Find a sport, an art form, or simply just a walk to take your mind off drumming. Find an activity that you enjoy to allow your mind and emotions to run free. [3]

Now, which three out of the sixth sound most appealing?

Try them and find out what works best for you. 🙂




[1] Emoto, Masaru (2005), The Hidden Messages in Water. Atria Books

[2] Read whether to use hot or cold therapy here:

[3] Great Beginner Pilates Video for helping your posture :