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    Salin Gas


"The world of producers and the new breed of drummers are going in separate ways. My goal is to bring them back together and bring the soul of music back to life. " - Salin Gas

Nominated in the beginning of this century as one of the most eyed-on upcoming drummer in Drummer Magazine Thailand, Salin Gas is the new generation of a soul drummer lady.

She quickly became one of the favorite drummer on YouTube Worldwide, at a very young age. Her global reputation has lead her to perform and collaborate with artists and producers around the world, in cities such as LA, New York, Toronto, London, Bangkok and Ibiza etc.

Through dancing to her favorite tunes, Salin Gas has a noticeable style of drumming, combining Rock, Funk, Soul, Hip-Hop and Electronic Music. She mentioned Steve Jordan, Bernard Purdie, Art Gore, Clyde Stubblefield, Jamese Gadson and music producers among her main influences. She is part of Pierre and The Cosmic Mermaids, a funk/soul/blues/hip-hop band and also backing-up with many artists in North America such as Sarahmee and Heartstreets. She is currently residing in Montreal, Canada.

  • 2008 - Discovered by Ornaree
  • 2009 - Nominated as one of the most eyed-on upcoming drummer.
  • 2010 - Recorded & Tour in North America with Ogenix
  • 2012 - Recorded and Tour with Kara Dura in Spain
  • 2014 - Join Pierre and The Cosmic Mermaids
  • 2016 - Playing with Sarahmee and Heartstreets

14'' Dry Jazz Hi-hats
16'' Smooth Crash
18'' Hollister Crash
22.5'' Jazz Ride

  1. Ainsi va la Vie Pierre and The Cosmic Mermaids 3:39
  2. Cosmic Love Pierre and The Cosmic Mermaids 3:08
  3. Deep Blue Pierre and The Cosmic Mermaids 3:00
  4. Oh Lord Pierre and The Cosmic Mermaids 4:02